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The tours takes 6-7 hours.
The tour include visiting these places:

Geysir or “The Great Geysir” is the first known geyser (hot spring). Eruptions at Geysir can hurl boiling water up to 70 metres in the air. Yet the eruptions are infrequent and quite rare. But you will definetly feel power of near by „Strokkur“, which shoots up to 40 metres every 4-6 minutes


Þingvellir (Thingvellir) national park is 40 km northeast of capital Reikjavik. The park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole Iceland. The park is famous for it’s dividing continental plates, stunning surroundins and culture history – first parliament ever (Alþingi)



Gullfoss is a waterfall is located in in the canyon of Olfusa river. It provides spectacular view of the forces and beauty of untouched nature. One of the biggest in Iceland


Keriđ (Kerith) crater is a volcanic crater lake, located in the area of Grimsnes. It is one of the most recognizible volcanic craters and counts about 3000 years. It will finish our „Golden Circle“ tour.